On the Move

Colorado sunsetThanks for visiting the Between Urban and Wild blog at its original location.

Although Between Urban and Wild is all about place, location is data in this virtual universe, and I’ve transferred hosting for the site.

New posts will no longer be appearing at the betweenurbanandwild.wordpress.com site address, but you can still find me at www.betweenurbanandwild.com.

If you’ve signed up as a WordPress or email follower in the past, you can continue to get notifications of new posts by clicking on the link above and then subscribing as an email follower.

New posts typically appear every other week, unless life as I know it has gone berserk, as it does once in a while, especially in the summer months.



About Andrea Jones

I'm a writer and indexer living on a high ridge in central Colorado. I blog about my home place, our horses, short-season gardening, books, and my ongoing project of paying attention.
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